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  • "It's a beautiful village school, my children love it and come home happy every day."
  • "My children are always put first..."
  • "As a parent I couldn't ask for more."
  • "Welcoming, friendly environment where my children have flourished!"


Grundisburgh Primary School was graded as good in our last inspection in 2022.


Amongst the many positive observations made, the Ofsted inspection commented on:


  • The warm and positive ethos of the school and the outstanding behaviour seen.


  • Pupils’ attitudes to, and enjoyment being a strength and that they thrive as learners.


  • That in all classes, pupils focus on their work, were keen to do well and that this was reflected in the quality of work.


  • Pupils of all abilities and backgrounds readily discussed their ideas with each other.


  • The knowledgeable and confident way in which pupils talk about their work and their understanding of the purpose of their learning was impressive.


  • Pupils say that learning is fun, and activities are exciting and engaging and that this was reflected in the vibrant and high-quality displays around the school, which include a range of three-dimensional models and good-quality art work.


  • Children in the early years got off to a strong start. They enjoy well-planned activities which engage their curiosity and interest, so they become absorbed in their work.


  • Focused teaching ensures that they quickly acquire the key skills they need to make good progress.


  • The outdoor area is very well developed and used to promote learning effectively.



Our staff closely monitor our children’s progress throughout the school to ensure they continue to enjoy, learn and achieve the very best outcomes possible in all areas of their personal development and academic progress.


We have a well-established, effective and inclusive pastoral and SEND provision that offers support, advice and guidance to children and their families across a wide range of social, emotional and academic needs.