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Modern Foreign Language

Curriculum Intent

At Grundisburgh Primary School, we aim to inform children, from Reception Year to Year 6, of the multitude of other cultures and languages besides English and deepen their understanding of the wider world. French is taught throughout KS1 and KS2, with an appropriate balance of listening, speaking, reading and writing skills being developed. Spanish is taught from the second half of the Autumn term in Year 6.  Numerous opportunities are provided for the children to put their learning into practice. We lay solid foundations for further foreign language learning at KS3 and help children develop skills that will open further opportunities later in life. Linguamarque  provides a framework of excellence in the teaching and learning of Modern Foreign Languages. Grundisburgh Primary School has achieved Gold Linguamarque standard and will maintain this high level.

Curriculum Implementation

Children are introduced to foreign languages and cultures in Reception. Throughout KS1, children are taught French in planned lessons that may be delivered in blocks or weekly. In KS2, each class has a timetabled French lesson of 45 minutes or an hour each week. In Year 6 this is replaced by Spanish for the final two and a half terms. An abundance of additional opportunities are scheduled throughout the year allowing the children to apply their learning. Meaningful cross-curricular links, which are specifically planned for, enable the children to reinforce and enrich their knowledge and can and are used to promote their moral, social and cultural development. The scheme of work taught covers the objectives set out in the Government’s Languages Programme of Study and consideration has been given to ensure progression throughout each year group across the school. Children are taught using resources including songs, action rhymes, poems, authentic items, videos and using cross curricular links. Thought is also given to how greater depth will be taught, learnt and demonstrated within lessons, as well as how learners will be supported in line with the school’s commitment to inclusion.

The Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) follows the EYFS Statutory framework and 2020 Development Matters guidance which aims for all children in Reception to have reached the Early Learning Goals in ‘Communication and Language’, ‘Literacy’ and ‘Understanding the World’ by the end of the academic year. The Early Years outcomes taught at Grundisburgh Primary School are prerequisite skills that feed into the children’s later learning of the Languages Programme of Study in the National Curriculum. During KS1, the children’s attainment of the objectives taught in French are assessed and recorded. Each of the four areas of learning -Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing -are assessed by both the teacher and pupil throughout KS2 and an overview document is passed to the child’s next place of learning as part of the transition process.  Links have been established with Farlingaye High School and continue to be developed.

Curriculum Impact

The impact on the children’s learning of a foreign language and understanding of other places and cultures can be seen in work produced, classrooms and around the school. Children have fun and become confident in using their French whilst engaged in an abundance of activities: participating in whole school competitions that run for a fortnight each term e.g. children ordering their lunch or greeting one another around the school;  a stationary shop is run by the children during the Summer term; Year 5 waitressing at our annual French Café, open to the community; each KS1 and 2 class has a French or Spanish Ambassador who revises the current phonics, vocabulary and grammar learning daily. An annual Foreign Languages Day enables the whole school to become immersed in a broad spectrum of different cultures and languages. Visitors enrich the curriculum e.g. Native French and Greek speakers, African gum boot dancers. Cross- curricular links further learning e.g. Powerpoints made about major world rivers written in French. Grundisburgh Primary school was awarded Gold Linguamarque in Spring 2021.


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