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Clubs and Committees

Summer Term Club Programme 2022

Before School Club


Drop off at main entrance

Breakfast Club


In Library

Drop off at main entrance

Mrs Wigmore

Lunch Club

A variety of clubs on offer throughout the week from teachers - children will sign up to these themselves eg. French, Mindfullness, Lego, Art, Chess and Board Games

After School Care


In Library

Pick up at main entrance

Mrs Gratton

After School Club


(Unless otherwise stated)

Pick up from classroom doors or outside on the playground






Nimble Nippers

(Years R-3)


Mrs Page and Mrs Sim

Tuesday 8:00-8:45am








(Years R-2)

Premier Sport



(Years 3-6)

Mr Atkinson


Hip Hop

(Years 1 to 6)

Lauren - 

Woodbridge School of Dance





(Year 3-6)

Premier Sport






Running Club

(Years 1-6)


Mrs Page


Friday 8:00-8:45am





(Year 3-6)

Football 2000






School Council
The school council has been running since 1997 and our achievements have grown each year. We meet regularly every half term to decide what we can do to improve the school. We don’t just decide ourselves what to do we take on board suggestions from all our class mates and bring them to the meetings to discuss.
To decide on the class representatives each class holds an election every year and two children are picked to represent their class from Class 1 – Class 6. Our aim is to continue to improve the school and make it a more creative and enjoyable learning environment.


Recent projects have included getting new play equipment for the school, raising money for the school through events such as Toast Tuesday and making small changes for the whole school for example having the option to have tomato ketchup with your school dinner and having an early lunch with a friend when you earn your Head teachers certificate.

We are also working on news ways that we can raise money for the school.
Meeting minutes 15.9.21

Quotes from School Council members

“I want to help make the school even better than what it is already.”

“Being part of the school council means that we can make good changes in school like having new equipment and talking about changes to school dinners.”

‘I am so excited to be a school councillor.’

Eco Warriors

The Eco-council has now been running for 10 years. It allows the children at the school to have a say in issues concerned with sustainability and their environment.
Years 1 to 6 are each represented by two class members who are elected at the beginning of the school year.
We meet at least once every half term to discuss how the school can become involved in local, national and global issues. 


Some of our most successful events have been:


• ‘Swap Its’ 


• Village litter picks


• Healthy food evenings


Our Eco-Code is displayed in every classroom and in the foyer – where you can also see photos of our Eco-Councillors; minutes of the last meeting and photos of some of our events. This year we plan to monitor our recycling and energy usage as well as set up a uniform shop.
Meeting minutes 25.9.21
Meeting minutes 15.9.21

PE Crew

The PE Crew was established in September 2017. We oversee the running of Physical Activity in the school and organise sporting events and tournaments for our school. We help to shape sporting clubs on offer across the school and play / lunchtime equipment and games. We listen to our peers and put forward suggestions. We aim to raise the profile of physical activity and the benefits that this can have on you physically and mentally too. We help to organise 'Walk to School Weeks.'

Fairtrade Crew

Fairtrade is about better prices, decent working conditions, local sustainability, and fair terms of trade for farmers and workers in the developing world. Grundisburgh Primary School has a long and successful history supporting Fair-trade. We have been a Fair-trade school since 2012 and the awareness of Fair-trade has grown within the school. The children are proud to be a Fair-trade school and support such a great organisation.


Every year we have a new committee who help with fundraising activities such as ‘Fair-trade Fun Days’ and ‘Cake Stalls.’ The group are always incredibly passionate about the cause and committed to continuing to raise awareness of Fair-trade within the school further.
Meeting minutes 23.11.21
Meeting minutes 22.09.11
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